The Message of Women's Enlightenment Movement of Kurdistan on the occasion of "Jina’s Nowruz"
The Women's Enlightenment Movement of Kurdistan is an intellectual, philosophical, feminist, political, and environmental movement that strives for enlightenment, justice, gender equality, class equality, and freedom of expression towards achieving a new society in which human dignity and human values are preserved. This movement is the collective effort of women inside and outside the country who are thinkers in various fields such as science, politics, philosophy, environmentalism, feminism, and psychology. The members of this movement announced its establishment on March 8th, 2023.
To coincide with the start of the new year and "Jina New Year" celebrations, the movement has prepared an 18-minute video review of the past six months. The main objective of this video is to commemorate the name and memory of the martyrs of the Jina revolution, honor the families of the martyrs who, with their behavior and speech during the burial ceremonies of their loved ones, manifested their support for the revolution. It also aims to appreciate the people of East Kurdistan who, for more than six months, with courage, awareness, and a sense of responsibility, have registered a new page in our nation's history through their protests, strikes, resistance, and struggle.
For six months, the people of Kurdistan and marginalized communities in Iran have been fighting against the most oppressive, backward, and inhumane regime in the Middle East. These six months have not only shaken the 1400-year-old history of political Islam but also the 2500-year-old history of deceit and forgery. It is true that in the 21st century and the age of communication, power struggles are no longer fought with strong armies and heavy weapons, but rather more through information networks, identity power, and symbols. Any group that can instill its messages and symbols in the minds of the masses can gain dominance and power in political and social arenas.
In the past six months, Kurdistan has planted its symbol with the name "Jina" and the slogan "Woman, Life, Freedom" in the minds of the masses in Kurdistan and Iran, and the leader of the revolution has become Jina. On behalf of the Women's Enlightenment Movement in Kurdistan, we congratulate everyone on the occasion of Nowruz and hope that this year will be the year of victory for the people and classes marginalized in Iran, the year of liberation, freedom, and the right to determine the fate of nations (Right to self-determination).
Nowruz 2723, Women's Enlightenment Movement of Kurdistan.

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