The Statement of the Kurdish Women's Enlightenment Movement Regarding the Current Situation of the Zhina Revolution

The Zhina revolution marks the beginning of the end of the patriarchal system and power. 
It has been five months since the murder of Zhina by suppressive forces of the Morality Police. Zhina's murder, as a woman, a student, and a citizen belonging to a marginalized nation  was sparked by the act of brave women who protested by removal of their headscarves in the Aichi cemetery in the city of Saqqez and chanted "Woman, Life, Freedom," which led to widespread discontent. These protests directly targeted the inhumane system of the Islamic Republic of Iran and shook its foundations. It is clear to everyone that Islamic political laws are based on controlling women's bodies, and the survival of the Islamic Republic regime is dependent on these acts of power. The exercise of power over women's bodies means the exercise of power over the community. At present, this power has been shaken because women, at the height of their awareness, informed of their human rights, chant “Woman, Life, Freedom." This collective awareness has become a deadly weapon against the ruling system and, for the first time in the world, has led to a feminist revolution. The presence of women, not only as the initiators of the revolution but also as fearless and brave participants, leaders of protest rallies, and motivators, has been undeniable. "Woman, Life, Freedom" as the main slogan of this revolution is the most eloquent and comprehensive declaration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the framework of conventions and their annexes
It is clear and evident that the process of revolution has many ups and downs. We all witnessed that after the initial four months of the revolution, the revolution entered a temporary calm period, like the calm before the storm. During this period, the opposition and the rulers of the system not only sought to gain future political power but also removed feminist women and women's movement activists and used a distorted and manipulative portrayal of other women with the slogan "Woman, life, freedom." The "Women's Enlightenment Movement of Kurdistan" did not repeat the bitter experience of the silence of intellectuals in the 1979 revolution and stands firmly against the distortion and manipulative use of the Zhina revolution by the rulers and centralists. It declares
1.      No form of the Islamic Republic system is acceptable. This system cannot be reformed in any way and has no future except for overthrow.
2.      The futile and expensive cycle of the revolution-dictatorship must be broken after hundreds of years and after three revolutions (the constitutional revolution, the 1979 revolution, and the Zhina revolution) a complete and real transition to a secular and decentralized system must be made. A system that separates religion from government, does not have an official religion, and guarantees and enforces freedom of religion and irreligion.
3.      All oppressive organs of the system, including the terrorist IRGC, the intelligence organization, and their affiliated institutions, must be dissolved and their members must be tried for their crimes against the people in fair courts.
4.      Since Khomeini and his regime pursued a policy of enmity with the world, the pursuit and trial of the leaders of the previous dictatorship was delayed. Without a doubt, after the victory of the Zhina revolution, the agents of Savak and the oppressive institutions of the previous monarchy, such as the oppressive institutions of the Islamic Republic, must be tried and held accountable for their crimes. 
5.      The key officials and leaders of the Islamic Republic and the former monarchy must be brought to trial for looting the country's wealth and resources, and their stolen assets must be returned to the country.
6.      Under no circumstances the return to the monarchy and acceptance of tyranny is acceptable. Even if the monarchy advocates for itself with the presence of a queen or a crown princess, it will reproduce unequal class disparities, discrimination, and the imposition of superior and inferior genes that the people have suffered enough from. We will not spend our taxes on the institutions of the monarchy, even if it's a show.
7.      In the context of forming political coalitions, giving permission to centralist male-dominated authorities to appoint representatives for the Kurds will not be allowed. Kurdish representatives must be democratically elected and with gender balance.
8.      Women celebrities and centrists are not and will not be representatives of women of different nationalities. The same is true for male celebrities and centrists. Representatives of nationalities will be selected not based on the superficial culture of followership and celebrityism, but rather based on political-civic knowledge and experience, and truly practicing gender equality. Of course, the right to political participation of diverse communities, including LGBTIAQ+ and various genders such as cisgender women, transgender men and women, and non-binary individuals, must be accepted and their representatives should be present in any coalition and council, and their legitimate rights should be officially recognized from now on.
The "Kurdistan Women's Enlightenment Movement," in active participation and cooperation with other feminists and advocates for freedom, democracy, and equality, declares that all legal and human rights demands of women, the LGBTQIA+ community, various nationalities and classes including workers, educators, students, etc., and children's rights, protection of the environment, natural resources, and sustainable development in all fields including agriculture, industry, and social fields must be explicitly taken into account in any coalition and charter. These issues should not be left vague and postponed until after the downfall of the Islamic Republic. The quality and nature of the secular and decentralized system in the future with all its political, legal, social, cultural, gender, and national aspects, should be clear and accessible to the public from now on so that people know exactly what lies ahead. 
The alternative discourse and new visual discourse provide a clear vision for the future, whose fundamental basis is rooted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, conventions, and treaties, and its fundamental principles are "human dignity", "freedom and democracy", and "the right to self-determination". Furthermore, since the political sphere has been dominated by men and the patriarchal system, in the government of the future, fifty percent of all political and non-political positions and posts, without any discrimination, should be given to cisgender and transgender women, and non-binary individuals with relevant background and expertise. Achieving this goal will mark the beginning of the end of patriarchal power in the political sphere and consequently in the economic, social, and cultural spheres.

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